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AI (Artificial intelligence) is a very fast evolving science. One of the types of machine learning is called "Neural Networks"(NN) which tries to imitate human brain by using neurons , like our brains do. Today AI is very simplified so that almost every other programmer has written at least one evolving NN AI. For humanity this can be a good thing a bad thing or both.


A programmer has written game AI which tries to pass levels created by him. It's you, the AI, a "Neural Bot". Now it's up to you to pass the levels and who knows what happens next.


beta has ended so if you signed up with new version of the game it won't work anymore. but u still can try game jam version

Our team is working to make full game asap. we plan to release in  January so stay tuned!






Neural bOts.rar 20 MB

Development log


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